About Us

The Willow Wheelers Cycling Club was established in 1989 by the Chairman, Christy McDaid, and continues to enjoy an active membership of students, parents and other associated adult members. The Willow Wheelers however is much more than just a cycling club, it is a community.  Club membership comprises of students from Willow Park Junior School, Willow Park First Year and Blackrock College, as well as parents, former students, staff and many currently active and former members who remain associated with the Club who are part of the greater Willow Park and Blackrock College community..

During the school academic year, the Club meets at Willow Park School for a cycle each Sunday at 10am.  Year groups usually cycle 30km to 90km, to include the mandatory coffee and chat stop.  See some of our cycling routes and get a flavour of our cycling activities by taking a look at our photo gallery or Club facebook page.

Typically, each year cycles together as a group.  Current and former adult members form additional cycling groups, including the enigmatic Willow Wheelerettes and energetic Willow Wheelchairs!

The Club cycling kit is usually ordered once per year and members are contacted with details at that time to place their orders.


Willow Wheelers in the Portuguese orange groves