WW 2024 Spain Trip Updates

Bikes and luggage are on the high seas en route to Rosslare. If the vessel remains on schedule, we can expect the truck to arrive at Willow Park School at 7pm tomorrow (Mon. 1 April). We will update you should this schedule change, but please plan to collect your bikes and luggage at 7pm tomorrow as we cannot store these for you. Hope you all had a Happy Easter.

Cycling routes: You can find some route suggestions here.  Many thanks to our members who have provided these suggested routes.

Tourist taxes: We will be collecting €10 for everyone aged 17 years and older to pay a Spanish tourist tax.  We will ask the group leaders to collect the amounts for each student and adults within their group. Adults not part of year-groups should pay €10 (in cash) on arrival when they are getting the room keys.

Student security deposit: .A security deposit of €20 per student must be paid to the hotel. This will be refunded at the end of your stay subject to there being no damage to the property, excessive cleaning, or complaints from other guests. This is due only for the 28 students travelling on the trip and we will ask the group leaders to collect the amounts for each student.

Update re. flight bookings: Your flight booking reference has been circulated to you via the Spain WhatsApp group.  If you require any further information, please contact a member of the WW Committee.

Update re. cycles and luggage transport: Bikes will need to be dropped with luggage to Willow Park School from 3pm on (Bank Holiday) Monday 18 March. Loading will start at 3pm for all Year Groups (6th form/1st/2nd/3rd/5th Year). Loading for all other adults will start at 4pm. Labels will be supplied for your bike & bag. These must be collected first and attached before anything gets loaded onto the truck. Please ensure you are there on time and that you bring your completed Bike Details form, which needs to be collected by a Committee member when you drop your bike.  Further details below.

Plans are well advanced for our 2024 Easter trip to Salou on the Costa Blanca / Costa Daurada region of Spain. The travel dates are from Saturday 23 to Friday 29 March 2024.  We will stay at the 4-Star Hotel Sol Costa Daurada, in Salou, Spain.

Final payment (inclusive of fees) and email copy passport:

You have already paid a deposit of €306.  The final balancing will be €800 per person sharing.  For those who have already requested a single room (subject to availability), the final balancing payment will be €1,020. We request that final payments are made for each person individually by Sunday 11 February using the link below.

In addition, to facilitate a rapid hotel check-in, please email a copy of the passport for each person travelling to willowwheelersclub@gmail.com.  Please note the year-group and passenger name in the cover email.

Please pay the non-refundable balancing payment for each person by completing the form at the following link:

Continental Trip 2024 Final Payment

Complete for each traveller

Choose €800.00 balancing payment OR €1,020.00 to include single room supplement

Subtotal €800.00

Total Amount: €800.00

On this form for you will need to select €800 per person sharing or €1,020 if you have already requested a single room.  You will also be requested to include: (1) Forename(s) and surname of member exactly as set out in passport; (2) Date of birth; (3) Address; (4) Contact number; (5) Contact email; (6) Emergency contact name; (7) Emergency contact number; (8) Year-Group; (9) Passport number; (10) Passport expiry date; (11) Confirmation that you have emailed a copy of your passport to willowwheelersclub@gmail.com; (12) Confirmation of your WW membership; (13) Your Cycling Ireland Number and (14) Credit/debit card payment details for the amount payable.  You can access your Cycling Ireland number by logging into the Cycling Ireland website and checking your personal details.

If you have any difficulty completing the payments form, we suggest you try using a different browser or contact a member of the WW Committee through your Year-Group Leader.


We depart on Saturday 23 March from Dublin (Terminal 2) on Aer Lingus flight EI 562 leaving at 7:15am and arriving into Barcelona at 10:50am. Flight time is 2 hours 35 minutes. You will need to be at the airport at least 2 hours ahead of departure (please monitor Dublin Airport website updates in case of airport congestion). This flight is booked for hand luggage only.

We return on Friday 29 March from Barcelona (Terminal 2) on Aer Lingus flight EI 563 leaving at 11:30am and arriving unto Dublin at 1:20pm.  Flight time is 2 hours 50 minutes.

Closer to departure date, your booking reference will be sent to your group leader and will be circulated via WhatsApp.  Once you receive the document (which contains all passengers) with check-in details, you can find your name and the booking reference will be on top of that specific page.  For security reasons, we cannot publish check-in details on this website.

Baggage allowance is 1 small cabin bag (max 25x33x20cm and max 7kg) and 1 checked in bag (max 10kg).   Bus transport will be arranged to and from the hotel and airport in Spain.

Bicycles and luggage transport on truck to Spain: Bikes will need to be dropped with luggage to Willow Park School at 3pm on (Bank Holiday) Monday 18 March.  Soft luggage bags are much preferred as they facilitate safe stacking of bicycles.  Bikes must be free to wheel and not locked.

Cycling routes: You can find some route suggestions here.

Hotel: We will be staying at Hotel Sol Costa Daurada, Avda. Paisos Catalans, 11 Tarragona, Salou.  The hotel is a 4-star hotel and located about 0.8km from the beach. Rooms will be allocated by the Club and cannot be altered unless approved by a Club Committee member.  Weather in Salou in late March is generally sunny, dry and mild (up to 19 degrees c), so perfect for cycling.

Travel Insurance: Covid insurance cover FAQs addressed here:Insurance Covid-19 FAQs.

Documents: Ensure your passport is in date and that you have a current European Health Insurance Card – further details available on www.ehic.ie.

Child protection:

  • Accompanied Minors: Group leaders should bring relevant documentation (i.e. letters of consent, copies of parent’s identification, etc.) for travelling with minors out of the state. Please see this Government website for current details: www.inis.gov.ie/en/INIS/Pages/travel-with-children.

Medical conditions: Please advise Christy McDaid, Club Chairman, of any medical conditions and medication which may be relevant to cycling.  We recommend that each group carry a small first aid kit.

Bike record: Ensure you have completed a Bike Details form and we strongly recommend you register your bicycle on the An Garda Síochána Property App.  Please ensure that you bring your completed Bike Details form when dropping your bike and luggage as this form needs to be collected by a Committee member when you drop your bike.

Clothes: We recommend that you err on the side of cycling gear.  Towels, togs, etc. required.  No deodorant spray permitted for the boys.

WW Membership: Everyone traveling to Spain must be a fully paid-up member of Willow Wheelers and Cycling Ireland.  You can check your membership on the Cycling Ireland website. Check out our Membership page for further details.

It is important that all bikes are serviced and in good working order before being loaded. Check your brake pads and tyres for wear and if worn replace before you travel. We’d strongly recommend, if not done already, everyone should have their bike properly serviced before departure.

Having the right equipment and gear for cycling in Spain is important. Remember we are cycling for up to 5 days and out for several hours each day.

Key packing lists:


  • Protect your bike with a cover or else pipe insulation (available from any hardware store) 
  • Handlebars must be clear – no Garmins/lights/helmets, etc. attached to bike on loading
  • Pedals must be free to turn so bikes can be wheeled
  • E-bikes – bring charger/plug/adaptor 
  • Lock
  • Bike front & back lights
  • Spare tubes
  • Pump
  • Helmets (mandatory) – do not attach to bikes – either store in luggage or attach sticker with your name & they will be put into a box on the truck. 
  • Water bottles – bring at least one and ensure yout bike has a bottle cage fitted


  • Focus should be on cycling clothes: cycling gloves; cycling shoes or suitable runners; light rain jacket (just in case); light base layers x 2-3; cycling jerseys x 2-3; cycling Shorts x 2-3 (we strongly recommend proper padded cycling shorts); cycling/sports socks x5; sunglasses.
  • 1 bag per person – preferably soft 
  • Suncream
  • NO Aerosol deodorant for kids – roll-on only


  • Bikes & bags can only be loaded when labels are attached. These are provided by the Club and distributed at bike loading. Two labels will be handed out – the first for your bag (leave on for duration of trip) – a second for your bike and you will need to re-use these labels for your return trip.

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