Gatoto Community Primary School – a good news update!

Wiilow Wheelers has provided support for Gatoto Community Primary School for many years.  Gotato was founded by Betty Nyagoha RIP in 1994 and is located in extremely impoverished Mukuru kwa Ruben, an informal settlement in Nairobi.  Many of our members have visited Gotato on Mission trips to Kenya over the years.

Gideon Ndambuki (Gotato Manager/Secretary) recently provided us with a progress update, which we are delighted to share with you.  This year’s students performed extremely well in the 2023 state examinations, posting posted a mean score of 264 out of a possible 500.  This is the second-best class since Gatoto’s inception with the top students scoring 386/500 and 380/500.

Furthermore, Gatoto Junior School achieved a leading score in the Wavumbuzi Entrepreneurship Tech Challenge in Nairobi – ranking a remarkable 26 out of 400 schools in Kenya.

The school management sends thanks to the Willow Wheelers for believing in what they are doing and noted that they looking forward to an even more successful Gatoto in 2024 as they mark 30 years since inception!

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