WW 100-Mile Cycle Sunday 30th April 2023 – by Adam Swan K6

Written by Adam Swan K6

Last Sunday, I got up, had a big bowl of Weetabix for breakfast, pumped up my tyres, filled the water bottles and headed for the school.  This was the day of the 100-Mile Cycle and I was really excited.  Christy and Mr. McGinty spoke before the cycle and then we were off.  Gardaí stood at the gates to hold the traffic and let us pass, I felt like the President of Ireland as I cycled out the gates.

On the way to the Phoenix Park I chatted with my friend Will K6 and Conor K6 and we continued to do so as we cycled to Trim, the first big stop.  At Trim, there were so many nice cakes and treats all laid out on tables for us thanks to the parents who had prepared food and hot chocolate.  Next stop was Kinnegad, where we had lunch.  I had chicken wings and chips while I rested my legs.  It looked as if it was going to rain but fortunately it held off until we reached Enfield and even then it wasn’t too bad.

My two older brothers, who are in 6th Year and 3rd Year, are also in the Willow Wheelers, met us in Maynooth and were marshals for the last leg of the cycle.  Ethan, my brother in 6th Year, joined his other 6th Year Wheelers and led us back to the school.  I was very proud of Ethan and myself for; I had just cycled 160 KM just like Ethan had seven years ago when he was in 6th Form. Incidentally, there was a huge rainbow in the sky as we made our way back to the school.

People had gathered at the gates to welcome us back, and they cheered as we cycled up the avenue and into the carpark.  Everyone was so happy and thrilled to have been part of the cycle. I loved the chips and sausages in the school canteen  and I dreamt that one day I would be eating in Blackrock College like my brothers and still be part of the Willow Wheelers……..

Shortly afterward we went home, exhausted but very, very happy. This is a day I will remember forever and I am glad that my Mum, Dad brothers and I are members of the Willow Wheelers.

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