100 Mile Cycle Update

Hi All: we hope you are looking forward to our 34th 100 Mile Cycle tomorrow!  A few reminders:

1. The weather forecast looks promising, but please dress warmly and bring a waterproof jacket.  The support cars can carry spare clothes for you.

2. To ensure a safe cycle, please follow all directions of our Cycling Marshals and Club Officials.

3. We will have mechanical support on the cycle but check your bikes today and ensure tubes are pumped.

4 You can download the Registration Form from our website to save time on the morning.

5 We suggest each Year-Group should try to stay together, at least in urban areas.

Food & refreshments will be available at various rest-stops & when we return to Blackrock College.

Stay safe, have fun and enjoy the day!

See further details on our website: https://willowwheelers.club/2023_100_mile_cycle/

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