Spin 11 opens store for 2022 WW new gear order until 31 October

Dear Willow Wheelers,

Our supplier, Spin 11, has opened the online store for you to order new WW cycling gear.  The online store will remain open until midnight on 31 October – so we ask you to get your orders in by then so that we can aim for delivery prior to Christmas.

The link for existing Spin11 customers (you will need to use your account password) is:  https://spin11.com/web/login

The link for new Spin11 customers is:  https://www.spin11.com/web/signup?token=SsGrqzDi17Xo3cVdi8Cm

A few items are not going to be offered in this current order as minimum ordering quantities are not anticipated.  Another ordering opportunity will occur mid-2023.

To save costs, this time there is no personal delivery.  We will send you details of collection location in due course.


Jenny Sexton

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