Sixth Form Boys Experience of Pesaro 2022

Lucas P6, Ms Áine O Donoghue, Harvey K6

During the Easter holiday we went to Pesaro, Italy with the Willow Wheelers for six days of cycling. It was our first trip ever with the ‘Wheelers’. Before we left we felt excited but anxious about cycling on steep hills.  As it turned out we had no cause to worry as the trip proved to be one of the best trips we were ever on.

Firstly, our hotel was on a beach and the views were stunning!  Secondly every day is different, and it was exciting getting up in the morning and wondering where we would go today. Our dads cycled with us, and we really enjoyed doing something together. We cycled along the coast and uphill through a nature reserve.  Fortunately, the sun shone making the cycles even more enjoyable.

When you are cycling on the hills it is amazing to look back and see what you have accomplished.  For me, the highlight of the trip was winning an award for most improved cyclist.  I won a €100 voucher and I am looking forward to spending it (Harvey K6).   Being the first to reach the top of a steep hill was the highlight of the trip for me.  (Lucas P6).  

Lucas, St. Pauls 6th Form

Often we would stop for a ‘gelato’ (ice-cream) along the way, and then stop for lunch at a restaurant.  We both agree that the food was delicious, and food tastes even better after a long cycle.

One thing we were not expecting from the trip was the chance to meet other Willow Wheelers particularly guys from Blackrock College.  On the second last day the 5th Year boys do a ‘Legends Cycles’, a challenging cycle of over 100km.  Everyone lined up outside the hotel to welcome them back, it was a special moment clapping and cheering for them as they finished the ‘Legends’ challenge. Hopefully we will do a ‘Legends Cycle in the future.

Harvey K6 and his Dad Stephen enjoying a mountain cycle

To sum up, we would highly recommend the Willow Wheelers’ Easter trip for the following reasons.  It is great fun being with your friends and doing a different cycle every day.  Some of the cycles were long and challenging but we found that we could do them.  When you complete something you thought would be too hard for you it gives you a great feeling of satisfaction. The trip was one of the best experiences we ever had and we can’t wait for the next Willow Wheeler cycling trip.

Harvey K6, Lucas P6

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