Willow Wheelers Membership

Changes to Membership Renewal

Dear Willow Wheelers,

Willow Wheeler Memberships will now run for the calendar year January to December. This is effective Jan 2022 to December 2022.

All cyclists, whether Student, Parent, Crusader, Cruiser or Wheelerette who participate in Willow Wheeler activities and events must hold current memberships of both the Willow Wheelers and Cycling Ireland. We have arranged with Cycling Ireland that both memberships can be taken out at the same time through their web site. To join or renew memberships please follow the link www.cyclingireland.ie, click on Membership and then select the relevant membership as applicable.

Also on the Cycling Ireland Renewal page, for those adults and students who took out club memberships for the period September 2021 to August 2022 there is an option to pay a reduced fee of €12 for this year.

To reiterate all cyclists must hold memberships of both the Willow Wheelers and Cycling Ireland to allow participation in club events, including Cycles and trips both home and abroad.

After logging on to the Cycling Ireland Website, if people are unsure as to what fee applies, please contact Eamon by email at priceeamon@gmail.com

Additional membership detail is available on the Willow Wheelers at: https://willowwheelers.club/membership/

Best regards,

Willow Wheelers’ Committee

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