We remember Sr. Brid, RIP

Concolances to the family, friends and fellow sisters of Sr. Brid Smith, RIP.

We remember Sr. Brid as a Willow Wheeler and staunch supporter of the annual WW 100 Mile Cycle on the tandem with her good friend John Piggott. She was an inspriation for the joy of life to all who knew her.

We will remember her fondly.

Sr. Brid and John Piggot training for 100 Mile Cycle
Sr. Brid and John Piggot entering Maynooth on 100 Mile Cycle
Sr. Brid and John Piggot in Pheonix Park on 100 Mile Cycle
Caroline Casling, John Piggot and Sr. Brid at WW Medal Ceremony
Article honouring Sr. Brid

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