WW support water tankers for St. Mary Kindergarten & Primary Catholic School, Sagure village Ethiopia

Willow Wheelers has received a letter of appreciation from St. Mary Kindergarten and Primary Catholic School, Sagure village Ethiopia. The WW supported the purchase of two water tankers for the school and these have recently been installed.

Insufficient water was previously available to the pupils and villagers, requiring arduous trips to bring water to the village. The two new water tankers have transformed this situation, enabling the collection of rainwater and storage of water. For the school facing the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, this has the added bonus of enabling greater hygene measures, keeping the pupils safer.

Sr. Kaki Tamba of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary, who run the school, has sent her message of appreciation to all the Willow Wheelers who have contributed through the 100 Mile Cycle fund-raising.

Selection of water tanks
Loading of Water Tanks for transport to school
Water Tanks ready to roll
Water tanks arrive at school
Installing and testing water tank
Job done – water tanks ready for service.

Well done Willow Wheelers!

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