Trip Refund Update

We trust you are all well and hopefully managing to cycle within the current Covid-related restrictions. Unfortunately, whilst these constraints remain in force, we must continue to suspend official Willow Wheelers cycles, but hopefully we will see some lifting of the restrictions in the coming weeks.

As we advised in December, we have received a full refund of amounts paid to the travel agent who was arranging our 2020 Italy trip from the Commission for Aviation Regulation.  We are pleased to confirm that we are now in a position to refund deposits paid by members who intended to travel to Italy last Easter.  However, given the Covid-related restrictions, we need to make appropriate compliant arrangements.

In order to enable us to finalise the refund process, we would appreciate if members who paid deposits could complete the form below and return it to  Once we have confirmed your details and cross-checked with our deposit list, we will arrange for a cheque payable to the nominated payee to be sent to your address.

If you have any questions or if you wish to discuss this with us, please send an email to the above address or contact Christy or a member of the WW Committee directly.

We would appreciate if you could complete and submit your details by Wednesday, 31st March.

Safe cycling and best regards,

Willow Wheelers Committee

Willow Wheelers: 2020 Italy Trip Refund Form





Name of primary contact



Name of passenger #1



Name of passenger #2



Name of passenger #3



Name of passenger #4



Name of passenger #5



2020 Year Group(s)



Total deposit paid



Payee address



Refund cheque payee name



Primary contact email address



Primary contact telephone number



By completing this form, you confirm that you have paid the deposit set out above to the Willow Wheelers Cycling Club with the intention of traveling to Italy on the Easter 2020 trip.


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