Return to cycling 2020/21

Dear Willow Wheelers,

We hope all our younger members are enjoying the return to school after an extended break.  The Willow Wheelers is also returning to action, starting with our usual Sunday cycles.  The first official cycle will take place from the Willow Park School carpark at 10am on Sunday 13th September, but individual year-group leaders may wish to kick-off next Sunday.

All members will be required to comply with the new Covid-19 guidelines, including social distancing, etc.  In particular, all our members should complete the Cycling Ireland Personal Screening Questionnaire ahead of each cycle. This is a self-assessment form, so you do not need to submit it to the Club, and it is available HERE.

In addition, for Covid-19 contact-tracing purposes, we will need to retain a record of each individual who participates in every Club cycle.  Provided that your Year-Group Leader has a record of each member’s contact details, this can be satisfied by making a list or by taking a clear photo of the participants and retaining this list/photo for tracing purposes.  For newer members (e.g. 6th Form), the Year-Group Leader should compile and retain a list of participants and their contact details.

We acknowledge that the Covid-19 guidelines takes some getting used-to, but your safety is central to our Club’s ethos and we will need to adhere to these guidelines.  In addition to Govid-19 guidelines, you can find additional information covering safe cycling on our website HERE. If you have any questions, please get in touch with myself or any member of the Committee.

Enjoy your first cycle back with the Willow Wheelers.


Christy & WW Committee

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