2020 Willow Wheelers Charity Cycle Update

Dear Willow Wheelers,

We are absolutely delighted to see so many of you have been out arranging your own 2020 Willow Wheelers Charity Cycles.

In recent weeks, Christy has received an exceptional number of calls for emergency relief from people and projects that WW has supported over the years, many of whom have increased suffering due to Covid-19 restrictions and reduced income sources.  Already your funds have helped fund emergency food and medicines for families in the São Miguel settlement in Brazil through Fr. Brendan Foley, who WW visited in 2019.  We have also provided funding to Sr. Celestine, a Holy Rosary sister who WW visited in 2018, to support her food-programme as she works with the poorest of the poor on the streets of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.  With school closures in Nairobi, WW have helped fund meals for school children in the shanty-town of Riruta through the local nuns (Precious Blood Sisters), who WW visited in Kenya earlier this year.  In addition, we continue to support other projects such as those in Kenya including in Rotu, Tanglebei, Marigat and Barpello who are facing a potential famine this year.

We have added a few photos of your cycling outings to our website, which you can see at the bottom of our 2020 Charity Cycle page: https://willowwheelers.club/about/2020-ww-annual-charity-cycle/

If any of you would like to share your 2020 Charity Cycle photos, please send these to your year-group leaders or any member of the WW Committee.

Well done so far and we encourage you to keep up your cycling and fund-raising to help support these causes during this last week of our 2020 Willow Wheelers Charity Cycle!

Willow Wheelers Charity Donation

Willow Wheelers Charity Donation


Christy & WW Committee

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