Cycling Safety Reminder

As we progress through winter, we are writing to remind you to be particularly careful when out on your bicycles at this time of year.

Some of our members have recently been involved in serious accidents due to wet and slippery roads, partly covered in leaves.  We wish them well for their recovery.

It is essential that all adult leaders ensure that the boys remain together with an adult both at the front and at the back of the group when on Sunday cycles.  Groups should avoid being strung out, particularly in city, and clearly call out when they see potholes, approaching red lights, when slowing, etc.  All groups should cycle at a speed that enables them to stop safely in all weather conditions.

We suggest you refresh yourselves on safe cycling practices by visiting the Safe Group Cycling page on our website, which includes a link to the very helpful RSA cycle safety booklet.

We wish you safe and enjoyable cycling!



WW Committee

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