Portugal 2019 by Louis Kelly J6

Getting there…..

My Mum, Dad, Sister and I woke up early on Saturday morning, got our bags and went to the airport. Immediately when we got to the airport, we could see people from the Willow Wheelers. We went straight to security because our bags were already in Portugal since they were put on a truck with our bikes and brought there. Once we got through security we went for a coffee in the duty free area where we met some more people from the Willow Wheelers. After our coffee we boarded the plane, a couple of hours later we landed in Faro airport. We got off the plane and got our passports checked, then we walked through the carpark to the bus that was waiting to take us to the hotel.

The hotel….

When we got to the hotel we got into our cycling gear and went for a short cycle to the beach. By the time we got to the beach it was lunch-time so we went to a restaurant, they had the most amazing ice-cream. After lunch we got back on our bikes and cycled to the hotel.

We checked in at the hotel and went to our rooms. The first thing I did when I got to my room was change into my swimming togs and went on the waterslides and then got a slushy and it was delicious. That evening I went to dinner and got some pizza from the hotel buffet.

Cycling everyday….

During the week, we cycled to different places every day. On the first full day of cycling, we went to Armacao de Pera where we ate delicious pizzas but one of the parents was bitten by a dog! On the second day we went to Vilamoura for a coffee on our way to Quinta Do Lago for lunch. After lunch, we went paddle-boating and then cycled back to the hotel. The next day it was raining so we only went on a quick cycle. On the Thursday I cycled in a different group because my group leader was doing the legends cycle, that day we cycled to Silves and visited the castle. That evening we all went down to the front of the hotel and cheered the legends as they arrived back from their 100-mile cycle.


On the last day we went to Carvoeiro for lunch and swam on the beach. That evening the fifth years who did the legends cycle made their speeches and presented prizes to lots of people on the trip. Christy gave out prizes to people too, me and my friend Luke got prizes for crashing our bikes into each other that day!

We all got to bed early on the last night because we were on the early flight the next morning. The next morning, we all piled onto the bus and went to catch our flight home. Cycling with my family and friends in Portugal was great fun, I am now really looking forward to the 100-mile cycle on the May Bank Holiday

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