Portugal Trip 2019

The 2019 Willow Wheelers trip to Albufeira, Portugal takes place from Sunday 14 – Saturday 20 April. The bicycles and luggage will be loaded on Tuesday 9 April.

Safety & Etiquette: Before going to Portugal, a Safety & Etiquette When Cycling note has been prepared by Mike Hannigan, one of our WW members, and we strongly recommend that you all take the time to read it: HERE. Also, as the boys will have access to the hotel water park and may be swimming in the sea from time to time, adult supervision should be present at all times when they boys are in water.

The Hotel: The Jupiter Albufeira Hotel, Rua Alexandre O’Neill, 8200-343 Albufeira. The hotel is approximately 45 minutes from Faro Airport by bus. You can link to the hotel location in Google Maps HERE.

Please note that room allocations have been completed and will be advised on arrival. In order to comply with hotel health & safety and fire regulations, no members can change rooms without clearing the change in advance with a member of the WW Committee.

Loading the bikes: Your bikes and luggage (soft luggage bags only) will be loaded in Willow Park School grounds on Tuesday 9 April at 5pm for Blackrock College student groups and 6pm for all others student year-groups. WW Adults can load from 5:30pm. Colour coded labels will be provided prior to loading & must be attached to your bike & bag prior to being loaded onto the truck. See last year’s photos HERE.

Outbound Flight Details:  Departing Dublin Airport on Sunday 14 April:

Group 1 (mainly Willow 6th Form, 1st Year groups plus some adults) depart Dublin on Aer Lingus flight EI 492 at 7:40am, arrive Faro at 10:45am.  This group will be able to enjoy a cycle on the day of arrival.

Group 2 (Blackrock College students & everyone else) depart Dublin on Aer Lingus flight EI 496 at 5:25pm, arrive Faro at 8:25pm.

You will need to be at the airport at least 2 hours ahead of departure.  Members should have received by email details of your group, flight times and ticket numbers.  These flights are booked for hand luggage only.

Coach transfer from and to Faro Airport to the hotel has been arranged.

Return Flight Details:  Departing Faro Airport on Saturday 20 April:

Group 1 departs Faro on Aer Lingus flight EI 493 at 11:15am, arrive Dublin at 2:20pm.

Group 2 departs Faro on Aer Lingus flight EI 497 at 9:30pm, arrive Dublin at 0:25am.

The bikes & luggage for Group 1 will be loaded in the morning whilst Group 2 go for a cycle.  All remaining bikes & luggage must be loaded in the afternoon of Saturday, 20 April in order for the lorry to depart for Ireland. Bikes/bags are currently expected to return back to Willow Park School on Tuesday 23rd April (around lunchtime) & must be either collected by the owners or arranged to be collected by someone else. The Club does not have the facility to store any bikes/bags.

Planning your trip:

  1. Everyone travelling must be paid-up members of the Willow Wheelers and of Cycling Ireland.  See our membership page for further details.
  2. Member should ensure that they carry a valid passport and a copy of your European Health Insurance Card (previously called E111) on the trip.
  3. A copy of the Willow Wheelers Bike Details Form should be completed by downloading or online and printed before the bikes are loaded and a copy handed to WW Committee member prior to loading of bikes to truck.
  4. When packing, we encourage you to err on the side of cycling gear rather than other gear.
  5. Unaccompanied minors must have the Unaccompanied Minor Consent Form completed and a copy provided to Christy McDaid prior to departure.
  6. Some useful preparation tips from last year can be found here

Further details will be provided, so please revisit this page from time to time!

Suggested Maps

Suggested printed map available from Stanfords: algarve; 1:100,000; ISBN/EAN reference: 9783831772759. Available HERE

Suggested Routes

19PORT1-Ferragudo-via-Silves (80km): link to TMcC Garmin course (COURSE_23252430.gpx)

Possible (long) lunch stop on beach past Ferragudo: Rei das Praias

19PORT2 Foia via Silves (123km) – link to TMcC Garmin course(COURSE_23254135.gpx)

Possible lunch stop near Foia:  Paraiso da Montanha.


1 SB Praia Maria Luisa – Estômbar (23542739.gpx and 23435757.gpx) – link to TMcC Garmin course

2 SB Praia Maria Luisa – Cortinhola (23542927.gpx and 23435770.gpx) – link to TMcC Garmin course

8 SB Praia Maria Luisa – São Brás de Alportel (23543101.gpx and 23435827.gpx) – link to TMcC Garmin course

17PORT3-Alte-Salir-Loule-Julias (89km) (COURSE_11834712.gpx) – link to TMcC Garmin course

Possible lunch stop on beach near Vale de Garro:  Julias

17PORT4 Loule Estoi (70km) (COURSE_11796294.gpx) – link to TMcC Garmin course

17PORT5-Alvor-Carvoeiro (88km) (COURSE_11834951.gpx) – link to TMcC Garmin course

Lunch in Alvor at Restaurante ‘O Navegador’

17PORT6-Carvoeiro-via-Silves (88km, but very flat topography) (COURSE_14813119.gpx) – link to TMcC Garmin course

Suggest lunch in Praia de Centeanes (or Praia de Carvoeiro) & bring togs for a swim at Praia do Carvalho

17PORT7-Loule-Vale de Lobo (70km) (COURSE_11768746.gpx) – link to TMcC Garmin course

2016 3rd Year Routes (including the dodgy bits!)

2016 D2 3rd Yrs Portugal Silves Ferragudo 85km (COURSE_14768354.gpx) – link to Garmin course and Strava route

2016 D3 3rd Yrs Portugal Monchique (IGNORE – USE FOIA ROUTE ABOVE) 121km – link to TMcC Garmin course and Strava route

2016 D4 3rd Yrs Portugal Julias 60km (IGNORE) – link to TMcC Garmin course and Strava route

2016 D6 3rd Yrs Portugal Alte 69km (COURSE_14768792.gpx) – link to TMcC Garmin course and Strava route

2016 Albufeira Legends 164km (COURSE_14607927.gpx) – link to Garmin course

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