Post-Cycle Wind Down Exercises

The following set of wind-down exercises was provided by Rachel Brown, Personal Trainer and member of Willow Wheelers.

Remember keep core engaged throughout the full routine – (ie belly button pulled towards spine) and Pelvic floor lifted. Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Standing Stretch: Feet Hip distance apart, slight bend in knee, shoulders relaxed and down, reach hands up high and then slowly bend over.  Breath: In as you reach up, exhale as you bend.  Relax at the bottom of the stretch Repeat 5 times.


Side Stretches: Keep body straight, as if between 2 panes of glass, front and back. Slowly bend to the right and then the left side. Repeat 5 times.

Cat/Camel; Extend back towards ceiling, then lower to floor Repeat 5 times.


Child’s Pose: Sit back on heels. Alternate between 2 stretches.

Thoracic Spine Stretch: Starting in Child’s pose above, leave left hand reaching forward and take right hand to ear. Open elbow to ceiling and look up, return elbow to ground. Keep hips back on heels. Repeat 5 times, then repeat other side.

Hamstring Stretch: Lying on back raise one leg straight in the air, the other leg bent with foot on ground. Pull straightened leg towards you and hold for a count of 5. If comfortable put the bent leg straight. As you exhale pull leg further towards you. Repeat 5 times for each leg.

Hip Flexor Stretch: Kneel with one leg forward.  Lift arm of back leg.

Quad Stretch: Lift back foot to bum. (If needed put something soft under your knee)

Spine Stretch: Sit with legs apart and bent at the knee. Make sure back is long and straight before you bend towards the floor. Breath out as you lower towards the floor. Send your hips to the back of the room. Sit up straight as you breath in. Then repeat 5 times.

Saw Bend: outstretched arm to opposite baby toe. Make a motion as if sawing off baby toe, 3 times. Repeat on each side 5 times.


Spine Twist: Legs hip distance apart. Spine upright. Twist to left and pulse gently for a count of 3. Repeat each side 5 times.

Swan Dive: Lift head and legs 5 times. After a long cycle, you may prefer to leave feet on the ground and raise the body by keeping the elbows on the ground. Hold and take deep breaths. Don’t over stretch.

Glute Bridge: Feet flat on floor. Arms by the side palms down. Articulate through the spine as you lift your body, pushing your hips towards ceiling.

Mermaid: Sit crossed leg. Bend to side. Put sit bones down onto mat. Hold for a count of 3 then bend to other side. Repeat 5 times each side.


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