Willow Wheelers Membership 2018

We are pleased to launch our newly upgraded Willow Wheelers’ website, which you can still access through www.willowwheelers.ie.  The new website is more dynamic and interactive, and now includes a facility for online payments.  We plan to continue to develop the new website to further improve our communications with you, and we hope you will enjoy using it and look forward to your feedback.

Your 2018 membership of the Willow Wheelers Cycling Club is now due for renewal and this year there are a number of important changes to the way that you will need to renew or apply for membership, which are outlined in this email and on our website.

In previous years, your single membership subscription covered both membership of the Willow Wheelers (“WW”) and of Cycling Ireland (“CI”). However, with recent changes to the way CI manages its membership, each cycling club member must now manage their own personal CI membership individually.  Hence, all WW members will need to get WW membership and CI membership separately for this year and in the future.

CI membership provides certain insurance cover and other benefits as set out on the CI website and it is a condition of Willow Wheelers’ membership that applicants must also be members of CI.  We have set out the CI fee structure and recommendations for our members on our WW website page entitled Cycling Ireland Membership Changes.  There are various CI membership options from which you can select the appropriate one for your circumstances.

You can join or renew membership on the CI website by logging onto their Join Cycling Ireland page, where you will be given the options to login and join as a new member.  In the event that your email address is already on the CI system and you do not have a password, which may be the case from previous years when we provided your details to CI, we suggest you follow the CI “forgot password” process.  If you have any queries about CI membership, you can request assistance from Cycling Ireland.  Alternatively, you can log a query on our WW website contact page or send us an email to contact@willowwheelers.ie and we will do our best to assist you.

WW Membership runs for the calendar year and members need to apply for or renew membership at the start of each calendar year.  Junior members are welcome to join at any time, but usually join the Club in fifth form.  Junior cyclists in Willow Park School complete a safe cycling course in the school before going on their first group cycle.

The WW subscription for 2018 is €35 per adult member and €35 per student member.  Further details are available on the WW website Membership page, including links to student and to adult membership application forms, both of which facilitate online payment.

We are very keen that you will be able to renew or apply for WW membership without difficulty, you can log a query on our WW website contact page or send us an email to contact@willowwheelers.ie and we will do our best to assist you.  If you are still having problems, please contact one of the Committee and we will do our best to resolve them for you.  We want to keep all our members!

Further details of all of the above will be given at our AGM, which takes place at 7:30pm on Wednesday 17 January in Willow Park School Cafeteria. We very much look forward to seeing you all there.

Best regards,

Christy and the WW Committee

Willow Wheelers’ Committee: Christy McDaid (Chairman); John Beatty; Ken Casey; Caroline Caslin; Denis Diggin (Treasurer); Marcie Dowdall; Keith Mangan; Tony McCluskey; Steve Facer; Pat Nolan; Brian O’Neill and Ainé O’Donoghue (Secretary)

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