Cycling Ireland Membership Changes

Cycling Ireland have introduced changes to how they manange members accounts and increased license fees for all membership types for 2018.  In the past the Willow Wheelers have managed Cycling Ireland membership on behalf of our members. When you paid your Willow Wheelers membership fee to the club part of that fee was then forwarded to Cycling Ireland to pay for your individual Cycling Ireland membership. However over the years, changes in the way Cycling Ireland manages and operates it’s membership has made this onerous and complex and with increasing Cycling Ireland membership costs that process is no longer sustainable.

Cycling Ireland membership is still crucial and a requirement for cycling members of our club as it provides several benefits, including insurance cover for accidents and incidents when cycling. The full list of member benefits can be found on the Cycling Ireland website.

Cycling Ireland Fee Structure and our Recommendations

Cycling Ireland have several different classes of membership and due to increase insurance costs membership of Cycling Ireland has increased for 2018 across all membership types. Fees are reduced for members of affiliated cycling clubs so ensure when you manage your own CI membership that you select Willow Wheelers Cycling Club as your cycling club. Some Cycling Ireland membership license types run calendar year. However Cycling Ireland ‘leisure’ membership licenses now run for a year from the date initially activated. Your Cycling Ireland ‘license’ is individual to you and you must now manage and pay for this yourself via the Cycling Ireland website.

You can join or renew membership on the CI website by logging onto their Join Cycling Ireland page, where you will be given the options to login and join as a new member.  In the event that your email address is already on the CI system and you do not have a password, which may be the case from previous years when we provided your details to CI, we suggest you follow the CI “forgot password” process.  If you have any queries about CI membership, you can request assistance from Cycling Ireland or log a query on our Willow Wheelers website contact page and we will do our best to assist you.

The CI fee structure can be found on it’s website, but currently is as follows:


The Willow Wheelers Club recommendation is that adult members who do not require ‘Full Competition’ licenses take out ‘Leisure’ memberships. This now costs €50 per year (a 10% reduction is available for Perpetual 5 year direct debit payments). These licenses run annually from date activated.

Student members can take ‘Full Competition’ licenses for Junior, U16, U14/U12 depending on year of birth. These now cost €50, €35 & €20 respectively and run calendar year from 1st January to 31st December.

For family groups CI offer a Family Membership for 2 adults and 2 youths U14 or younger for €85.

These prices are for members of affiliated cycling clubs, an additional €30 supplementary fee per member applies for unattached cyclists so be sure you select the Willow Wheelers Cycling Club when registering your details with Cycling Ireland.

If you have any queries about Cycling Ireland membership and how the process works you can email us at or log a query on our contact page.

Willow Wheelers Club membership fees are now set at just €35 for both Adult and Student members. These can be paid online via this website, more information is available here.

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