South Sudan Project

The Willow Wheelers gave support for development work in Thon-Aduel, Rumbek Diocese, South Sudan.  Fr. Boniface Muema Isenge CSSp provided an update to Christy McCDaid in 2016 in appreciation of the contributions in support of education, health, water, hunger, and farming.  He noted that a lot of work and support given to the people in the Rumbek Diocese has been executed through the use of the funds provided by the Willow Wheelers.

On behalf of the people of Rumbek Diocese, Fr. Boniface expressed his appreciation as follows: “We are very grateful and sincerely thank you for your generous contribution that has left a great impact in the lives of many people here in Thon-Aduel of Rumbek  East County, South Sudan.  There have been a lot of challenges in the mission here but we have also continued to feel your encouragement and support.  We sincerely thank you and continuously pray for God’s grace upon you all, members of the Willow Wheelers Cycling Club. Be blessed all.”

Fr. Boniface also sent the following photographs of the pump that was supported by Willow Wheeler’s’ contributions:

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