Portugal 2016 – 6th form view!

Harry Facer graduated from Willow 6th class  in 2016 and it was decided to put together a graduation year book for the boys. All the boys were asked what their wish for the future was and to write a short piece on their ‘best memory’ of their time in Willow. Each boy then had a dedicated page in the book.  Harry chose the Wheeler’s trip to Portugal as his ‘best memory’.  Read Harry’s story below……….

Willow Wheelers 2016 Portugal Trip

The Willow Wheelers cycling trip was absolutely amazing.  This year for the first time we went to Albufeira, Portugal.  We cycled every single day of the six that we were there and it was great, tough but great.  We always cycled as group, a team, a community.  We kept a steady pace; we were as fast as the man at the back.  Cycling an average of 70km a day never giving up, striving to be the best we could be.

Apart from the cycling we had a fun activity to look forward to everyday – seeing amazing sand sculptures, swimming on the warm beaches of Portugal, meeting Louis Van Gaal (seriously we did)!!  A visit to the zoo to see all sorts of amazing animals like crocodiles, tropical birds, monkeys and loads of deer.  But, my two favourites definitely have to be going on pedalo boats, crashing into each other in the middle of a humungous lake and racing around tight corners at top speeds in a go-kart.

I really enjoyed this year’s cycling trip and I would gladly do it again.  It was so much fun and all organised by Mr McDaid, who cycled with us on his fancy electric bike.  A big thanks also to John and Siobhan Beatty, who helped make this trip a huge success.

The End

By Harry Facer

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